Why CAPA BioTech?

Because it resonates with and makes sense to us.
CAPA means Corrective And Preventive Action, while BioTech stands for life and technology. Our aim is for CAPA BioTech to become the preferred, trusted and reliable supplier for healthcare institutions, governments, airports and companies worldwide and deliver the safest, best possible services and products to their patients, clients and customers.


CAPA BioTech was founded because we want to make a real difference.
We are here for the long-term.

Our mission is to become the preferred Partner for all of the above-mentioned institutions. We want to supply these with high quality products from recognised and certified manufactures.

Our vision is simple, we want to inspire, give hope and contribute to health, safety and well-being globally.

The team/Founders of CAPA BioTech

We are 3 Founders with different backgrounds and experience, but we all share the same principles and values;
trust, commitment, passion, care and empathy.

We believe that building our foundation on these five cornerstones will enable us to; attract, engage and retain the very best employees and Partners, now and in the future.


Vincent is a real entrepreneur. He was born in France and has lived in many different countries. He has an enormous experience in various branches such as; banking, pharmaceutical and trading. He has been doing business in the EMEA, Russia, South Korea and China.


Klaus is also entrepreneur and has been involved in startups before. Klaus is based in Denmark where he has settled after having lived in different countries throughout the years. He has a broad experience from different branches. He brings a large global network with many good business connections to CAPA BioTech.


Henrik is the youngest member of the team and is also Danish. Despite his young age, he has studied in four different countries and gathered a substantial amount practical work experience. Henrikā€™s strongest force is bringing innovate ideas to life.